A Partnership with the Peace Corps.

On January 4th, Techshare partnered with Victoria Deng as a part of the Peace Corps in Dominican Republic. We had a phenomenal experience with kids in the Cruze de Cabreto area of Santo Domingo! Prior to the event, they had been asking every day if we were coming. Finally the day came, during the event we worked hard to build robots and thrillingly raced them around! We donated Spanish books to help them build a community library, without realizing that many of these kids do not have the ability to read at all. Not only do these kids not have access to any technology which Techshare thought was the case, but they had an even bigger problem that they lacked the basic skills of a regular student. We must raise awareness about this lack of proper education in impoverished communities and overall in third world countries, which is never talked about. We hope to continue hosting these life-changing events and have our impact reach as many kids as possible. Your relentless support is amazing, thank you for encouraging us to keep it going! 💪🏻